About Us

LC Nantong Co. Ltd. established in 2024. It is mainly a joint venture composed of CHONG LEE LEONG SENG CO., LTD., the parent company of Laser Cladding Singapore Pte Ltd., and its Chinese partner Shanghai Junya International Trading Co., Ltd.
The mission of LC Nantong is to revolutionize the application of laser cladding technology in industrial manufacturing and remanufacturing. Our joint venture aims to leverage the synergy of our resources, progressive technologies and adaptive thinking to increase customer product lifecycle value and build mutual trust with partners.

About Our Partners


Established in 1959, Chong Lee Leong Seng (CLLS) started out as a formalised joint venture between Chong Lee, an equipment importer, and Chop Leong Seng, a local distributor. The Company was then mainly in the business of distributing Yanmar diesel engines in Singapore and Malaysia only.

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Shanghai Junya International Trade Co Ltd

Shanghai Junya International Trade Co Ltd was established in 2003. The company specialies in the import and export of machinery and components, serving customers in the United States, Germany, France, Singapore, Indonesia and more.

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Laser Cladding Singapore

Originally founded in 2010, Laser Cladding Singapore (LCS) is a 4-way joint venture formed between CLLS Pte Ltd (Singapore), German partners Gall & Seitz Systems (GSSY) GmbH and Nippon Diesel Service (NDS) GmbH and Yanmar International Singapore (YIS) Pte Ltd.

LCS’ mission is to revolutionize the application of laser-powder-cladding technology for manufacturing and remanufacturing in industry. Our joint venture is meant to harness the synergies of our resources, technological advancement and adaptive thinking to enhance customer life cycle value and build mutual trust with our stakeholders.

We are ABS ISO 9001:2015 certified

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